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Friday, May 8, 2015


Arms Control and International Security: U.S. Support for Transparency and the P5 Process
05/05/2015 12:29 PM EDT
U.S. Support for Transparency and the P5 Process

Transparency Visit

In 2015, the United States hosted a visit to the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories for representatives from NPT non-nuclear weapon States Parties and the UN. The visit included briefings, tours, and exchanges on U.S. stockpile stewardship and management activities, and the role played by the national laboratories in support of the President’s arms control and nonproliferation agenda.

P5 Conference Process

The United States is committed to engaging its P5 partners to advance all aspects of the NPT.

P5 engagement is a long-term investment in strengthening the NPT, building trust, and creating a stronger foundation for the work required to achieve a world without nuclear weapons.

The P5 are pursuing regular NPT-related dialogue to an extent unseen in prior years:

The United States and Russian Federation have briefed the other P5 states on their nuclear arms control verification and notification experience to foster greater familiarity with practical arrangements that promote the irreversibility, transparency, and verifiability of the disarmament process.

The P5 will release a first edition of the “Glossary of Definitions of Key Nuclear Terms” at the 2015 NPT Review Conference.

U.S. experts are working with P5 counterparts to review P5 collaboration on improving and maintaining the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty verification regime and to identify ways our unique experience can contribute to further strengthening the CTBT international monitoring regime.

The United States hosted a CTBT-related workshop, with participation by all P5 states, on data quality objectives for On-Site Inspection equipment.

The P5 released a statement in February 2015 encouraging states to undertake efforts to minimize the impact of xenon gas on the CTBT’s monitoring network.