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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Remarks With Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh Before Their Meeting
John Kerry
Secretary of State
Paris, France
November 5, 2014

SECRETARY KERRY: (In progress) -- we’ll talk about. He’s been a critical partner, together with King Abdullah of Jordan, in the efforts to try to work for stability and peace in the Middle East. That remains an urgent priority, notwithstanding the very serious complications that have grown up over the course of the last months. We urge everybody to try to step back and find a way to create enough calm and enough space to be able to negotiate these difficult issues. None of them lend themselves to unilateral resolution, and I condemn today’s terrorist act of somebody driving in another car into innocent people standing on the roadside. That is not just a terrorist act and an act of – an atrocity, but it only makes matters worse. It only raises tensions.

There are those who oppose peace, and people need to not allow those who oppose peace to control what is happening in the region. The peacemakers need to control it, and they need to take steps to begin to move in a different direction. That’s what’s important. Thank you.

FOREIGN MINISTER JUDEH: Well, I just want to add to that that it’s a great opportunity to meet the Secretary of State yet again, and our close consultation is something of mutual benefit. I think we have a lot to discuss. But the only way – just to reiterate what the Secretary’s saying, the only way that we can prevent these unilateral measures from continuing to take place is to have a comprehensive settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict, at the core of which is the Palestinian-Israeli. So I think this is what we will want to work on achieving so that we don’t have another Gaza and we don’t have these continuous violations and unilateral actions.