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Wednesday, October 10, 2012



U.S. Army Spcs. Ryan Langton, left, and James Morris prepare to depart Forward Operating Base Farah on a mission to Farah City in Afghanistan's Farah province, Sept. 27, 2012. Langton and Morris are assigned to Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah. U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Benjamin Addison

Combined Force Kills Several Insurgents
From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

KABUL, Afghanistan, Oct. 10, 2012 - An Afghan and coalition security force killed several armed insurgents during an operation to arrest a Taliban leader in Afghanistan's Sar-e Pul province today, military officials reported.

The security force also seized assault rifles, a machine gun, an extra machine-gun barrel and several grenades.

In other operations today:

-- A combined force in Helmand province detained several suspects during a search for a Taliban facilitator who is alleged to coordinate the movement of insurgent fighters and weapons while planning attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

-- A combined force killed an armed insurgent during a search for a Taliban leader in Kandahar province. The security force also detained several other suspected insurgents and seized an assault rifle.

In operations yesterday:

-- An Afghan-led, coalition-supported force arrested a Haqqani network leader and killed another during operations in Paktia province. The detained Haqqani leader was actively involved in high-profile attacks on Afghan government officials. The deceased Haqqani leader, Khalid, was responsible for suicide attack planning and the facilitation of weapons and roadside bombs. The security force also detained six additional suspects.

In other recent operations:

-- Afghan commandos partnered with coalition forces killed several insurgents during an Oct. 8 operation in Kunar province. Afterward, the security forces uncovered and destroyed a stockpile of tactical equipment.

-- A combined force killed Taliban leader Amir Gul during an Oct. 7 operation in Wardak province. Also known as Qurashi, he planned roadside bomb and rocket attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

-- Taliban leader Khal Mohammad was killed Oct. 6 during a coalition airstrike in Kandahar province. He organized the placement of roadside bombs.